Remember These Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

You want to have the best holiday season possible, and that means you need to keep your family safe. From fires to injuries, a lot can go wrong this time of year, but you can minimize your risk by following some holiday safety tips. These tips are easy to follow and will help you have a happy holiday season.

Check the Lights

Chances are you reuse the same lights year after year. That’s fine to do, but you need to inspect them. Make sure your lamp holders, cords, and connections are all in working order. Also, if you have to replace a bulb, unplug the string beforehand and make sure you choose the correct wattage.

Avoid Dry Trees

Dry Christmas trees can end up in flames. If you go with a real tree, make sure it’s freshly cut, as these are less likely to ignite. Also, keep the tree watered all season long. Trees can consume lots of water quickly, so check the water each day.

Limit Your Extension Cord Use

Extension cords can be your saving grace during the holidays. These cords help you keep the lights shining on your tree and outside your home. Don’t make the mistake of connecting extension cords together, though. Instead, get a cord that is long enough to reach the desired outlet. At the same time, make sure it’s not too long. If it’s too long, it could get all tangled up, and you might end up tripping on it.

Be Safe Outdoors

Do you love decorating the exterior of your home? You need to be safe when you do it. For starters, make sure you select the proper ladder for the task at hand. You also need to ensure the ladder is secure on the ground before climbing.

When it comes to hanging lights, use plastic clips or insulated tape to keep the strings in place. Also, be careful where you place the electrical connectors. Keep them far away from metal rain gutters, and don’t leave them on the ground.

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Test Your Smoke Alarms

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. That’s why it is so important to test your smoke alarms during the holiday season. You should have alarms on each level of your home, and they need to be tested every month.

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