Get Creative And Improve Your Drawing Skills At Life Drawing Studio

Life Drawing Studio

If you’re an artist, you know that photographs don’t capture everything. They leave out those little details that are so important to the heart of art. Learn how to capture those little details by attending an event at the Life Drawing Studio at Bailey Contemporary Arts. This event is available on select Saturdays, including Feb. 2 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students. Get the details on this cool event.

What Is Life Drawing?

Life drawing is the process of drawing real life, as it is. Through this process, you learn how to capture the subtle differences that aren’t captured in photos. For instance, you’ll learn how to detect weight-bearing and translate that into your drawing.

This process really brings the subject to life. It’s not just about the subject, though. The process also helps you as an artist. By learning to detect subtle differences, you actually improve your visual perception and your drawing skills.

How a Session Works

These sessions last for two hours, and during that time, you’ll draw models in various poses. Sometimes, the model will hold a pose for a long time, and other times, the models will get in position for a quick gesture.

You won’t receive any formal instruction during this process. Instead, you’ll need to dig into your own artistic skill to bring the model to life. However, the class is small, and you can get some feedback if needed.

Because there isn’t formal instruction, you can work at your own pace and even use your desired medium.

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What You Need to Bring

You can bring your own materials and supplies to this event. Most artists prefer that since they are used to working with their own stuff. Other than that, just bring the willingness to learn and create.

Your drawing skills will be much improved after this event. That means it’ll be time for a reward. How about a new Honda from Hendrick Honda of Pompano Beach in Pompano Beach, Florida? That’s the perfect reward for a job well done.