Head Out To The 29th Annual Nautical Flea Market

Nautical Flea Market

Looking for that perfect fishing lure? Maybe you need a radar, or you want to go all out and get a new boat. You can find all this and more at the 29th Annual Nautical Flea Market at Community Park in Pompano Beach. This year’s flea market will be on Jan. 19 to 20. It’s open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the first day and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the second day. Find the best new and used nautical gear when you attend.

About the Nautical Flea Market

The Nautical Flea Market has been going strong for years, but it had its biggest year yet in 2018. For the first time ever, the flea market sold out of vendor space. Two hundred vendors set up in 360 booths (some vendors had more than one booth), and they sold their offerings to around 10,000 people.

The vendors were just as diverse as the offerings. Small local businesses set up shop, as did big watercraft manufacturers. There were even some people who opened up a booth to sell items that had been sitting around their garages. Don’t think that means these vendors didn’t have something great to sell. They emptied their garages of jet-skis, kayaks, and other cool items.

You can expect more of the same this year. You truly can find just about anything and everything at the nautical flea market.

Don’t Let the Price Tags Fool You

This is a flea market, and that means that price is often debatable. You’ll find price tags stuck on most of the items, but many of the vendors are willing to haggle. Make an offer and see if you can pay less for the items you love.

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Stay Fed and Hydrated

Searching for deals can be tiring. Fortunately, there will be food vendors there so you can keep your energy up. You can even have a drink or two while you shop.

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